Monthly Archives: July 2012

Misty Boston

Elena let herself collapse against the pillar. Its roughness felt strangely good against her back as she slid down it to sit on the cold, damp stone. The damp was mostly from the mist-like rain, but some of the liquid was blood she would wager.

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The Shapes of Things


Castef probed the vacuum around herself. She sniffed at the soup of virtual particles at the bottom of reality and from that scent knew something, hopefully an Object, was ‘near’. Near in a very peculiar sense of the word. Whatever it was, was still impossibly far, it no way could it be touched and handled or even seen. It was not in this universe. It was, however, very close to it. Continue reading

The Objects

Sometimes things make it into our world. They do not belong here, though sometimes they want to be here, or someone else wants them here. Either way there are always others who resent their presence, if not their very existence. Continue reading