“The Others” series page

The Others is a growing short story collection that takes place in a setting where mysterious objects enter and leave reality with no apparent pattern. The range of time over which this has been occurring is immense, millions or possibly billions of years. The Objects thus far encountered are small, something you could hold in your hand easily and take mundane shapes: a rock, a coin, a knife, a stick, a wooden sculpture, and so on. Nothing too complex (no coffee makers, cars, washing machines). The Objects have strange effects, though in theory they are all explainable should one uncover the true nature of them. Note that it could be that some Objects’ effects are subtle enough that they are never identified as such or are perfectly mundane. The latter could explain why so many ballpoint pens and socks go missing.

The stories:

  1. The Objects – the in-setting introduction to the series, contains some background no included above.
  2. Misty Boston – Cold War Boston.
  3. The Shapes of Things -the second story written, but set in the distant future. Humans are vastly enhanced and capable of things like surviving indefinitely in vacuum and detecting subatomic particles.

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